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Convert leads faster. Get the actionable insights you need to grow your business.

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Use Cases

 See more. Know more. Act.

Capture the true impact of your marketing. Get clarity on what moves the needle and make decisions with extreme confidence to close more leads.

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Fjuri X is Built for B2B.

Make decisions with confidence and convert more leads into revenue.

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Automated, Unified Data

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More signal, less noise

Connect marketing and sales data into a single stream for powerful revenue insights.

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A single source of truth

No more data gaps. Get up-to-date reports across sales and marketing data, with all the latest insights.

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Data you can trust

Track lead to revenue performance across every campaign and make decisions with confidence.


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Real time insights

Leverage AI and machine learning to view lead-to-revenue performance. 

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Campaign level insights

Effectively deploy your data and map your lead to revenue outcomes across all campaigns and geographies. 

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Data-driven decision making

Stay in control of your marketing impact drivers and deliver more consistent and measurable ROI.

Elegant Reporting

Elegant Reporting Screen
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Easy to view

Crisp, clean, and modern visualizations of all lead-to-revenue performance KPIs.

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Visibility for the whole team

Daily updates with easy-to-share visualizations for your team, business reviews and boardroom presentations.

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Easier reporting

Download every report or every dataset directly into your favorite tools for easy presentation or deeper analysis.

Revenue Impact

Revenue Impact Screen
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Lead impact tracking

Measure lead performance across lifecycle stages –  from initial contact to pipeline and closed deals.

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The marketing impact story

See where marketing is driving revenue, and generate the reporting to prove it.

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Your competitive advantage

Compare every metric of lead-to-revenue conversion performance against your targets and industry benchmarks.


Never leave a lead behind.

Goodbye, data silos. Hello, real-time insights. Discover the impact your leads have on your pipeline and revenue. Harnessing your data to close sales faster.

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for marketing

Connect your lead data to sales outcomes in real-time.

Track lead performance across every campaign and get clear reporting to demonstrate how your marketing is impacting revenue. Our calculations show what marketing activity is contributing to pipeline generation and driving revenue.

For Marketing Screen
For Marketing Operations

Crisp, clean, modern visualizations

Stop wasting your analyst's time creating manual reports for every business review. Get automated, intuitive visualizations that show lead-to-revenue KPIs and will impress even the boardroom.

For Marketing Operations screen
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For Sales

Identify which leads best convert to pipeline.

Uncover the full potential of your leads by tracking which leads convert to revenue and unlock a clear picture of how marketing is impacting pipeline generated and closed revenue.

For Sales screen
For Revenue Operations

Make data-driven decisions with total confidence and close more leads.

Identify your most promising leads across all campaigns. Increase the value of your marketing efforts by identifying what campaigns are contributing to pipeline generated and driving ACV.

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For Executives

Achieve business goals faster with an all-in-one data model.

Fjuri X is the only B2B solution that connects marketing and sales data into a single stream. Get real-time insights for strategic and impactful lead-to-revenue decision making.
Empower sales and marketing with a single source of truth to hit targets consistently, and drive more revenue impact from marketing investments.

For Executives screen

More insights for more conversions

Get direct insight to your lead conversion performance with intelligent data.

Traditional lead intelligence solutions don’t cut it. Lead scoring, lead matching and intent-based methods stop short of delivering real intelligence. You need to connect lead data to sales insights to truly understand what creates leads that close.

Fjuri X leverages your lead, customer and sales data for deeper intelligence that unlocks conversion performance. Get equipped with intuitive reporting across KPI’s from the entire customer journey. Understand how leads move from top of funnel to closed won revenue, and dive into every data point including conversion rates, velocity, cohort analysis, and campaign and channel sources.

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Drive more pipeline

The only solution that uses real-time data and historical conversion performance to pinpoint pipeline generation and booked revenue.

Eliminate the manual work in building quality pipeline. Fjuri X connects disparate data sets to drive instant intelligence on lead-to-revenue conversion. Get the insights you need into your entire customer lifecycle, and find the gaps so your teams can take action before they impact your bottom line. Focus your spend on tactics that predictably convert into pipeline opportunities, based on real-time data.

Track conversion velocity at every stage

Get a clear snapshot of lead performance. Identify accelerators of gains at every stage of the funnel.

Finally unlock a clear picture of your marketing impact on the pipeline and directly tie activities to closed/won revenue. Marketing and sales can coordinate interactions so both teams can launch orchestrated efforts for each lead across campaign, products, and channels. Access all your data and insights in a dashboard that serves as your organization’s single source of truth.

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Track conversion velocity graphic
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Marketing impact graphic

See how marketing impacts the bottom line

Finally get a clear and automated reporting solution to track Marketing sourced and influenced revenue.

Every leader wants a clear picture of Marketing’s influence on pipeline and revenue generation, down to the lead and campaign. Your Fjuri X data set is shaped to fit your business with custom drill downs, allowing users to explore data at granular levels, filter by different dimensions, and dig into specific metrics and segments. Dynamic and intuitive dashboards visualize the datasets to show trends over time for sales performance, marketing performance, and customer insights.

Judge your ABM performance across sales and marketing

 Fjuri X features dedicated panels to evaluate lead-to-revenue performance for traditional lead-based GTM and ABM GTM performance, giving you a real picture of marketing impact to the bottom line.

When it comes to ABM investment, you need to know where marketing and sales campaigns contribute to account-based leads. Get marketing and sales on the same page, and share precisely what drives the pipeline, and strengthen your coordinated account strategy for more successful outcomes. Make informed decisions on your ABM investments based on the campaigns that drive more conversions, influence pipeline generation, and close won revenue.

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Fjuri X: The Lead-to-Revenue solution for your business.

Every Fjuri X customer solution starts with a streamlined 8-week implementation led by our accomplished technical team and data engineers. We establish your data source connections to our data model and architect your ultimate solution.

Fjuri X subscriptions are available to fit and grow with your business needs.


10 seats

Up to 3 data sources

Annual product updates

Standard support

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25 Seats

Up to 5 data sources

Quarterly product updates

Priority support

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50+ Seats

10+ data sources

Ongoing product updates

Premier support

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